Speltips: Portugal - Wales

Sport: Fotboll
Spelstopp: 2016-07-06 22:00
Land: International
Liga: Euro.2016
Odds: 1.80
Tips: Wales +0.5
The national team of Wales is magnificent on this Euro. It not bad Plays, are Very orderly protected, qualitatively control a ball, blow up at the right time and are not mistaken in completion of attacks. In fact, to carp there is nothing, all elements of the Welsh mechanism work regularly. Wales - the most zabivny Euro-2016 team (it is updated: French have taken away from Welshmen this title after a victory 5:2 over Iceland). Have hammered absolutely in each match on a tournament. Only in the first half Wales nakolotit 5 heads.

Defenders fight as lions and are almost not mistaken. Halfbacks are mobile, able-bodied and effective. Where it is necessary - will hold a ball where it is necessary - will develop fast attack. A big benefit of Wales over Portugal is availability of net forwards in structure - both Robson-Cana, and Vouks were repeatedly shown how it is exciting to have the natural forward in the field. Portuguese cannot brag of it, in attack Nani and Ronaldo's vinger because of what the efficiency of attacks of Portuguese national team sharply decreases play.

And what Bale? Plays as this leader. Does not put itself above team, and opposite, works with double return, feeling responsibility to the partners. Selfish Ronaldo behaves absolutely differently, rolls up hysterics if the pass is given not it. Captains reflect fighting spirit of the teams, and Wales battling on veins strongly is ahead of less united Portuguese in this component. Perhaps, thanks to nature Wales has lost only 2 of 10 last matches on big tournaments. By the way, Bale is the leader of Euro-2016 in quantity of blows in a goal mouth (14). And Ronaldo has scored only 2 goals in 13 matches of the playoffs on big tournaments. It is not enough.

Game of Portugal does not impress absolutely. In team there is no full-fledged forward, and Ronaldo on a line item of the forward is much less effective, than at the beloved left edge (there is not enough space, constantly it is necessary to play a back to gate, etc.). Connections of wingbacks are useless since to hang there is nobody (the Welsh defenders will definitely not lose top to lonely Ronaldo). Portugal not bad controls a ball, however with huge work creates scoring chances and moves ahead - remember at least game with Poland. Santush's guys just roll a ball across the field, but the half-backs badly interact with attack, the getting transfers do not find addressees, it is not possible to find free zones. In fact, the unique effective weapon of Portugal on this tournament are courageous passes of 18-year-old Sanshesh. But it is not enough to reach Euro-2016 final, isn't it?

Portugal and in defense is not ideal. From Poles have passed because of a gross blunder of Soaresh in the 2nd minute. Have brought a goal with Iceland, have received a three from Hungarians. Very big gaps in lines, inefficient pressure, position mistakes of defenders - everything in total does defense of Portugal vulnerable. And Wales, I will remind, chucks in Euro-2016 almost most.
  Portugal - Wales
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Soccer1tips - 5 Juli 2016 - 15:03
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